Back on track

Hey. It’s been a while. My dog was lost for a few days a couple weeks ago and that event pretty much derailed my progress but that’s OK – all those days of comfort food (gracias papi!), emotional eating and worry did a number on my routine.

I’m back at it. Hubby and I found a great gym, we got a great workout plan and we are ready to start our clean living again.

I wanted to quick share this smoothie recipe with you. I’m not a big fan of juicing because 1. Hi, fat kid here, I like to eat… and 2. I feel juicing removes all the fiber that is good for you, leaving you with pretty sugar water.

Licuado de nopal  (cactus smoothie)




For those mexicanos out there, this tastes like your favorite snack in a glass!
I did not peel the cucumber for added fiber goodness. For added Mexicanness and flavor I added Chile piquín and Valentina.

¡Qué rico!

¡Qué rico!

And that my friends,  is how I do smoothies!


Why didn’t I think of this before?!

I made brunch today, chorizo con papas, or Mexican-style sausage and potatoes for those unfamiliar.

Typically you eat tostadas or tortillas with it and in my efforts to be as healthy as possible, I swapped the tortillas/tostadas and instead ate a handful of spinach with my dish instead.



I still got a little bit of crunch with it and added more vitamins to my meal without adding that many calories.  I also added a little avocado for extra heart-healthy goodness.

I think I’ll  start ‘skinnying’ more meals like this! Maybe even substitute spinach for rice and pasta and other starches.

What do you do to skinny your meals?


Fat b pants

My friend from work Stephanie and I had an interesting conversation today about a bunch of things but the relevant topic here is pants.

Mainly, we were noticing how many women nowadays focus on the wrong parameter when measuring ‘thinness’.

We discussed a particular woman that bought the wrong size jeans because she thought she should fit into a certain size.
My friend described going jeans shopping with this particular woman. She considered  a pair whose fit she described as ‘having a bag around her rear’ too big, even though they fit fine elsewhere and would have been fine around the rear had she simply pulled them up some. She chose the next size down, even though the jeans clearly were too small around her hips and waist to the point where they gave this relatively thin woman muffin top. But hey! The number on that tag made her feel better about herself so she went with the too-small, ill-fitting, painted on pair.

We know another woman who is also relatively thin but has gained weight recently yet insists on wearing the wrong size. She is so preoccupied with wearing a ‘small’ that she doesn’t realize that she would look much, much better in a medium and a bigger Jean size since she looks like she pours herself into her clothes.
This is the kind of woman that fishes for attention and compliments, and will often say how tiny her waist is in comparison to her rear and thighs and how she has to buy the wrong size pants in order for them to fit. What she is looking for is for her audience to say, ‘oh honey you are tiny!’, even though she is not that tiny anymore.
I wish she could see what we see – that she is absolutely vacuum sealed into her clothing,  and the clothes she wears would look much better if they actually fit.

I won’t lie. There are times when I’m tempted to wear things that are too small right now. I have a bunch of jeans I am not able to fit into, but I’m working on it. Could I just force them up and button them? Yes. But I’d be spilling out of them and the last thing I want to do is look like a sausage, so I make do with what I have (that fits).

Lately I’ve been sticking with what my friend called fat b pants -denim with good stretch in it, or leggings with long sweaters and tunics.  At least they fit, look nice enough to wear to work and most of all, I am comfortable wearing those items. 

Plus, you look thinner when your clothes fit. Why do us women focus so much on the size of things when we ought to be more concerned with how well things fit?

I don’t know how those women that wear clothing that is too small do it. I like to imagine my too-small jeans patiently await their turn, until I can wear them again.

Until then, I will stick with my fat b pants.


A little person and a little progress

Wow, I am an aunt again!
My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Monday.  How exciting!!!!!

Also, progress update:

I’m down 5 pounds!

I am happy because it really wasn’t difficult.

It was all about portion control, and eating until I am satisfied instead of full. I didn’t feel deprived, ate mostly plants (lots of salad and veggies!) drank lots of water and no booze helped as well.

I’m regretful that I didn’t get initial measurements, I’ll have to work on that. I don’t think I look any thinner, but the scale says I am so we will go with that🙂

Full stats:

168 lbs
35% body fat
30 BMI

Let’s hope I can keep this up!


Smart goals

Do you know what a smart goal is?

A SMART goal.

A couple years ago I was working at a dance studio as an instructor. A couple months after I was hired another female instructor was hired on.

I can’t claim she was my friend; she was quite different from me and due to the nature of our job we didn’t get to talk a lot. Still, I’m  glad our paths crossed and that I got to meet her.

What really stood out about her to me is her intelligence. In the few conversations we had she was talking about smart goals, as in S.M.A.R.T. goals; that stands for Specific, Measured, Attainable, Realistic and Timed.

Basically, goals can’t  be too broad (“I’ll  be a better me this year!”).

How are you going to be better? Will you read more books? Will you volunteer? Go to church? Give to charity? You have to be specific.

Goals also have to be specific. How many books will you read? What are you volunteering for? Will you attend every Sunday and Wednesday service?

You also have to be realistic. Are you really going to read 2 books a week without neglecting your other obligations like work, school, house chores? Do you really have the time or resources to devote to volunteer work? Will you really be able to attend all those services without other obligations taking priority?

What about attainability? Take someone like me, who has decided to make a change in the way I look and feel about myself. I can’t  say that I will lose weight and look like a supermodel.

Orealllly? Considering I am five foot two and tend to put on muscle when I exercise versus the waif look,  it’s safe to say I will never be supermodel skinny.
I am exaggerating of course, but bear with me for illustration’s sake. Being rail thin is not what I’m going for!

Then there’s the matter of time. What time frame will you set for achieving your goal?

I’ve been giving this a lot if thought. As for my SMART goal:

I plan on losing one pound  a week through clean eating (found a bunch of great recipes!), exercise (P90X, ballroom dancing and daily 15 minute walks with the dog 3x a day).

One pound a week = 52 pounds by 12/31.

Even if I lose a half pound a week, that’s 26 pounds off my caboose!

I also plan on being more organized with my handy-dandy  weekly cleaning schedule and a side benefit from cleaning more is, of course, more calories burned.

What is YOUR smart goal?